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for February 27, 2010
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K2 captured on Webcam and recorder sound track

We would like to thank Mark and Rebecca Spencer for allowing us to investigate their home. They were very gracious hosts and the house itself was as fascinating as it was beautiful. The in-depth research they had conducted on the house and family histories proved invaluable.

Four of us arrived at the Allen house on February 27th around 5:30 PM. After touring the property with the owners we broke into twos and went about taking baseline EMF, temperature and photos. We set up two camcorders with IR floodlights and two webcams. Additionally we had several digital cameras and five digital recorders.


The Allen House, located on Main Street in Monticello, Arkansas, was designed and built by architect Sylvester Hotchkiss for Joe Lee Allen and his family in 1906. The house, a mixture of Gothic and Victorian styles is comprised of three stories and approximately 8000 square feet and a full "grandmothers attic". Joe Lee Allen, a successful entrepreneur and prominent citizen of Monticello built the house for his wife Caddye, and his children. Joe Lee Allen died prematurely in 1917 at 54 years of age while demonstrating/selling a vehicle.

On the evening of December 25 of 1948, daughter Ladell Allen Bonner consumed mercury cyanide and subsequently died on January 2,1949 as a result. There were quite a few tragedies in Ladell's life, namely the untimely death of her father Joe Lee Allen aged 54 in October 1917 , her son, Allen Bonner in January 1944 at twenty-eight , her sister Lewie at 46 in September 1944 and most likely painful memories of life with her ex-husband Boyd Bonner who passed on June 1948. Based on the letters in the Spencer's possession the failed relationship with her last love(indicated by some letters found in the attic) most likely was the cause of her suicide.

Carolyn Wilson, author of "The Scent of Lilacs" a former tennant of the house based some elements of her book published in 1966 ( a romantic fiction with a large haunted house) on the Allen house.


The Allen House is thought to be haunted by Ladell Allen and her son, Allen Bonner. There have been many reports of activity dating back to the 1950s. A doctor who lived in the Allen House purportedly captured an image of Ladell in a mirror in his room. Another couple who lived in the Allen House during the time it had been converted to apartments said they encountered the ghost of Ladell in a closet . Purportedly they tried to close a closet door but some force prevented it's closing and they reported hearing laughter. When they managed to get the door shut and opened again to check there was no one and nothing there to explain what had happened. A later tenant who had opened a gift shop in the home found a large number of items in disarray without logical explanation.

Crying and moaning sounds have been heard along with the sound of footsteps from the upper floors when no one else was present. In some cases police were summoned to investigate but found no evidence of prowlers or intruders of any sort.

Current owners, Mark and Rebecca Spencer, have witnessed other activity such as seeing and hearing family members (aka Doppelgangers) in one room when the person would actually be in another room entirely. Also, an old hand cranked Victrola record player was witnessed spinning on its own, continually picking up speed instead of slowing down!

The first group to perform an investigation there on their first visit had a limb from a healthy oak tree fall across the power line to the house knocking out the power just as they were ready to begin.


We conducted our first EVP gathering session in the Dining Room with the Cherub adorned tin ceiling. We thought this would be a good starting area as it would have been a regular center of family activity as well as it was historically used during family funerals as a viewing area. With the Spencers present we asked a multitude of questions going from family member to family member. When a question was finally asked of Caddye Allen, the K2 meter which had no prior activity since we began immediately started flashing. At this point a laptop with a webcam was grabbed (recording the room at the time) placed on the table and pointed at the K2 meter. We had the same model K2 on the other end of the table and we placed it right next to the one that was flashing. Only the first K2 continued to show activity. Towards the end of our session the interaction stopped. The recorders next to the laptop captured that part of the session and several EVPs were taking place during the K2 flashing. In Mrs. Caddye Allen�s room which we believed adjoined Ladelle�s room, two investigators and one owner heard what sounded like voices and also an old radio during an EVP gathering session. These were heard multiple times during this session. There were multiple incidents with drained batteries and one in particular occurred when a K2 meter was placed on the old Victola, a site of previous activity.

EVPs found no hint of negativity or ill will but were very suggestive of a continuing family bond and love of their home.


When asking questions regarding specific activities EVPs were captured indicating that the majority of the incidents reported did occur. Thanks to the research done by the Spencers we were also able to ask questions of a historical nature which was verified by their research. In some of the EVPs there were additional facts of a more obscure nature that we are trying to verify through research.